Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Gobi Paratta

Hi everybody,

I still can't believe that I created a blog. I am a new bud in this field .I didnt know the basic's of cooking before marriage and was really worried that my mother in law would have a bad impression on me, but luckily she never asked me to cook anything ,I only had to help her in kitchen ,so I lost my first chance to learn cooking .Few weeks later I moved to U.A.E with my hubby and was worried about my cooking skills. Luckily the food blogs came to my rescue and I tried recipes from blogs and made delicious food for my hubby. Its my sister who gave me inspirartion to start a blog ,She has a food blog with awesome recipes and she is a good cook.Thanks to her for helping me out. You can find her recipes here.

Today I am going to post a simple recipe of Gobi parata. I was very weak in rolling round shape chappathy's.Its my mother in law who tought me to make perfect round shape,before that I used to make triangle and square shaped ones..and I really had a tough time learning to make the round ones.

Here is my recipe..


Onion - 1 medium size

Cumin seeds - 1 tsp

Garam masala - 1/2 tsp

Pepper powder - 1/2 tsp

Garlic -2 3 pods

Ginger - A small piece

Turmeric powder -1/4 tsp

Cauliflower - a small one

Corainder leaves

Atta - 1 1/2 cup



Method of Preparation

First we have to Knead the atta with enough water adding salt and keep it aside. In a sucepan take some oil and sputter cmin seeds.Add the chopped onions and saute for few minutes.Add all the powders,ginger garlic paste and suate for few minutes.Add the cooked Cauliflower and coraibader leaves and stir for few minutes and turn off the fire.Now the masala is ready.Make sure that masala is dry, mix it with the dough and make small balls ,Roll out the porotta's.It should be thicker than chappathy's.Heat a non stick pan,rub some oil and cook the paratta's.


  1. Inaugurating ur comment box..

  2. Hey Suneetha
    Congrats on starting your own blog...welcome to bloggywood!! Gobi paratha looks superb and delicious...enjoy cooking and blogging!!

    ya when you get time do visit me..your sister visits me regularly..

  3. Hey Suneetha!!!!!
    Welcome to the big , friendly blogosphere of food lovers....Congrats on ur new bloggy babe...and all the best for ur kitchen experiments..We all were like this a day , and i tell you its fun and soon will be a part of your every day life.....Best wishes to be a brilliant cook like ur sweet sis Vineetha....
    Gobi paratha looks simply delicious...
    Keep rocking

  4. Hey,
    Welcome to the excellent world of blogging. Your gobi paratha looks perfectly round and very professional for someone who is just beginning to cook. Serve me that plate please!I am your sister's follower and now yours. :)
    -Cool Lassi(e)

  5. Welcome to the foodie world Suneetha :-)
    Gobi paratha is one of my fav and it has come out perfect. Don't worry we were all like this, and learned cooking only after marriage..:-)Good luck dear !!

  6. hi Suneetha.. a very warm welocme to u :).... ur gobi paratha looks simply awesome. I still remember where it too was in ur stage :)...slowly u will also be there with everone like us with lots of ingredients and awards :)... do visit my blog too when u get time :)..... i tried doing the follower part but something is wrong and i couldnt get thru..will try again :)

  7. Hi suneetha, welcome to this lovely blogging world...am sure ull enjoy a lot over here & make many friends....gobi paratha looks delicious, nice way to start it with a item for breakfast...looks lovely

  8. hi suneetha.Namaskaaram, nammal ore naatukaranu Welcum to the foodie world..starter aayitu gobi paratha athum kirukrtihyam alavil..njan eppolum maryadaku parathilla..:)Hope you would come out with more variety foods..Njoy blogging..

  9. Welcome to food world dear..Paratha looks yummy...

  10. Hiee Suneetha..Welcome to the blogging world. I'm sure you will enjoy ur journey here,make many friends and you will never have a boring moment. Its a great thing you have decided to blog when ur newly married as thats when th action begins...As ur trying to figure out so many things...and one of them is cooking ...lol .U look like a pro already..with ur Gobi Paratha... Also u'll do great as you have ur older sis to fall back on who's amazing and cooks so much with her little kid..and ofcourse we are here too..!!!

  11. Hey suneeta congrats for ur new blog...elcome to the world of food blogging...gobi parathas are looking very delicious...i love thm, nice recipe...i am follwing u so that i can track all ur forth coming recipes....good luck


  12. Thank you all very much for giving me a warm welcome.I m so excited to see u all as my followers..Will visit u all soon :)

  13. Welcome to the blogging world. For a newbie you sure are rolling those parathas fine. Looking forward to see more from you

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